The B&B Casa Liquilab

The idea of furnishing the three bedrooms in different styles (ancient, modern and intercultural styles) was born from the effort of the Liquilab's Association (LINK) of recovering cultural memories of the past, of our modern life and of different traditions of the world.
The bedrooms with their different styles: Ancient (double room), Modern (triple room) and Intercultural (family room), are perfectly independent and there are three private bathrooms inside the bedrooms, a large living room, a kitchen/dining room adequately equipped.

There are also 3 large balconies with a view of the territory (sea, old town, countryside). Available: a garage (with fee), and a laundry room.

The b&b is on the 3rd floor of a newly built palace located in the center of the town.
The palace is served by a large and always working lift, that allows you to carry your luggage to the flat.

In the wide kitchen and living room you can enjoy moment of relax and meet our different home visitors.

All the rooms and common spaces are sunny and overlooking the sea, the countryside and the town center.
All the bedrooms and bathrooms linens and fabrics are of the best quality, made by a local company, using natural materials and fibres.

Each room is equipped with TV, air conditioning, heating, free WI-FI.

Guests can see video publications dedicated to the local memory of the past and modern traditions, produced by anthropological and visual researches of the Liquilab’s Association (LINK to the site) and following the project of "LiquiMag - Magazzino delle memorie" (LINK to the site).

Guests are greeted by a warm atmosphere where the passion for the ancient traditions of the territory is intertwined with the vintage style of the room dedicated to the Modern memory and costumes of other cultures of Intercultural room. Some details of ancient, modern, intercultural furniture are for example: a gramophone of the1800s, some ancient capase of Salento, African and Balinese drums, a jodang (traditional settle Indonesian of Java), an Indonesian baby pouch in wood of Islands Mentawai, etc...

Casa Liquilab is ideal for people who want to enjoy the beauties of  old town, in fact coming out of the pedestrian entrance, guests are in Piazza Pisanelli, the main town and the most ancient square, surrounded by the Palace of the Prince Gallone, by the Church of Natività of Beata Vergine Maria, by the Church of San Domenico  and, just behind it, we get to the Piazzetta Dell'Abate where there is the Liquilab’s Association located in the Bottega di Memorie e Identità Giovanili, a  socio-anthropological and historical-artistic point of interest, in the former Dominican Convent.
Tricase has got two sea resort (Tricase Porto and Marina Serra) easily accessible from the b&b, and at only a few kilometers from our b&b, we find the most important urban and tourist centers of Salento: Santa Maria di Leuca, Otranto, Gallipoli and Lecce.