The Breakfast

Breakfast is served each morning from 8:00 to 10:00 am (flexible). Breakfast includes local typical gastronomy of Salento.
The menu offers healthy, natural and organic food, from careful selections of local products. They are chosen among the excellence of appreciated operators.
For example, mustaccioli, pasticciotti, friseddhe, taraddhi, typical biscuits, dried figs, jams and many other delicacies. They are selected through deep knowledge and passion of what we consider the Art of breakfast. For our guests the fridge will be always rich of fresh fruit, fruit juice, water, and iced tea.
It is possible to have breakfast in the kitchen, living room or a balcony.

Our kitchen tools and linens are all handmade products from local craftsmen.

The Laundry room

If you need, there is a laundry room with a washing machine, drying racks, basins, etc.

The Bicycles

You can explore the town and the rural area by bike, we provide you bicycles with a description of possible itineraries.

The Parking

A fee garage is available (booking needed).
Also, you can find a parking close to the b&b.